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You can see the relevant law from the Texas family code chapter 233 regarding CSRPs down below:


I have some tips to help you if you are visiting the attorney general’s office for a child support review process meeting also known as a CSRP negotiation conference.
I’ve posted about CSRP meetins previously and many parents continue to have questions about CSRPs and how they work. So, here are 5 tips to help make your CSRP meeting a success.
5. Negotiate: Remember that the csrp process is a negotiation conference authorized by the texas family code. This law gives the state or county child support office the right to schedule csrp meetings so that parents can negotiate about what is best for their child. The process allows parents to determine paternity, start child support payments, even modify orders. Agreements are encouraged at a these csrp negotiation meetings, so don’t be afraid to talk and negotiate a good agreement.
4. 10day notice: You have the right to at least 10 days notice before the start of any csrp negotiate conference. This will allow you time to get a lawyer, obtain necessary documents for the meeting, or make plans for if you have to miss work or school. If a csrp is rescheduled to another date, then you’ll get 3 days notice of that next meeting. So remember your right to be timely noticed so you don’t fail to show up properly.
3. Right to Bring an Attorney: Remember the state’s child support officer or office attorney cannot represent you. So there are many reasons why it makes sense to bring your own lawyer to a CSRP conference. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a good settlement. They lawyer can explain to you complicated laws implicated in the csrp or child support review order, and the lawyer can make you aware of any alternative legal options that exist outside of the csrp conference so you can make the most informed decisions.
2. Interpreters are provided: you don’t speak english? By law, the child support office must provide you with an interpreter at no cost to you if you speak a foreign language. It is very important you understand what is being said at the csrp meetings and well as what you are signing if you reach an agreement with the other parent.
1. It’s effective: thousands of CSRPs are done throughout texas each year. Many more are done in other states with similar negotiation laws. The csrp process saves parents a lot of time and money by doing court orders in an office, rather than in court. But despite it’s effectiveness, keep in mind csrps do not work for everyone. Cases where which parent should have custody is unresolved, or cases where there’s family violence, or cases where customized orders are needed to give one parent justice or to protect a child’s welfare, these types of cases are better handled in a courtroom through lawyers and not in a csrp negotiation conference.