Book your next consultation in 3 easy steps.

1. Book Consult

Use the bottom right widget to schedule your consult for 20-minutes or click Book Appointments above to book 1-hour paid session.

2. Prepare for Consult

2. Review the steps below to prepare, including sending your phone & email to prior to your meeting.

3. Pay When Necessary

For 1-hour paid consults, be sure to pay at least 1 hour prior to your meeting using a payment method on the Pay page link above, or

How Our Consults Work

Using the bottom right scheduling widget, book your FREE 20-Minute telephone call. Or you may click ``Book Appointments`` above to schedule a 1-hour meeting by phone, Zoom, or in-person office session for $100.
While 20-minute consults are by telephone, the 1-hour paid meetings are available by phone, on Zoom, or in the office, usually at the Houston satellite office located at 13100 Wortham Center Drive, 3rd Floor, Houston, TX 77065.
Since almost anything in the office can now be done by Zoom video, 1-hour guests are encouraged to skip the traffic and meet with the Zoom App on their phone or computer. Necessary documents can be mailed to just prior to your meeting.

Prepare For Your Consult

Prior to your appointment, make sure we have your telephone and email. You may send to 1-hour paid consults for $100 may be paid at the link above ( For conflict of interest purposes, you confirm this law office has not, is not, and potentially will not be representing your opposition.

Difference Between 20-Minutes & 1-hour

While 20-minute consults are free telephone calls (we call you) to learn about us and get legal answers to basic questions, 1-hour meetings are deeper strategy sessions to investigate the details of your case and give you all your options. We encourage 1-hour appointments for more complex cases.

What Happens After the Consult

Your consult may end 1 of 3 ways: (1) Your or we decline to proceed further with a case. (2) Our office takes on your case and emails you Mycase Login instructions so you can enter your online casefile to begin reviewing your client contract and payment invoice. (3) We agree to reschedule to continue the conversation later, most likely because some information or document is still needed.