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This website helps demystify the mediation process and presents to parents how mediation can be a great alternative to going to court, or in some cases, even dealing with the Attorney General’s child support office. Learn what it’s all about.
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Everyday, parents have kids. Sometimes the parents are married, sometimes they’re not. When those parents separate or divorce, the inevitable issue arises of how they are going to co-parent their child. Some parents handle the shared raising and supporting of their child privately. Other parents find themselves before an Attorney General’s office caseworker for a child support review meeting, or worse, they get tied up in family court for months not knowing what the final outcome will be over their child custody rights or payments.

What about a third way? What about a sit-down with the other parent before a knowledgeable third-party true neutral to discuss ways to reach agreement on terms both parents can accept. After merging my Attorney General experience with my mediation skills, I created ChildSupportMediation.com (yes, I designed this site) to educate and empower parents with this third mediation option that saves time, money, and stress.

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