About Me – Full Bio

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little bit about me. I am a former Assistant Attorney General (AAG) with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas – Child Support Division and current Houston family lawyer and mediator. Since 2009 I have worked to help parties resolve their legal disputes in court, and more recently through mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution. I mediate because I enjoy helping families resolve their legal disputes. I have operated my Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC Law Firm in Houston, and edit the blog site YourChildSupportLawyer.com. Due to my passion in helping parties resolve their legal disputes outside of the courtroom, I founded InstantMediators.com. it was born from InstantMediations, which encourages conflict resolution using technology, especially technology that ends the frustrating and time-consuming process of getting legal opponents to the negotiating table. Whether it’s a co-parenting dispute over kids or a conflict between business partners, mediate it fast and move on. Follow InstantMediators’ LinkedIn Company Page and YouTube Channel to stay connected. If you are a mediator, I invite you to join our Online Mediators Facebook Group. Finally, check out my latest book I co-authored on the topic of online mediations titled, How to Mediate Online: Procedural Guidelines and Best Practices to Help Mediators Succeed in Online Mediations. Please call my offices if I can be of help on your legal matter and be sure to follow me on my LinkedIn and Twitter to stay connected. Mac Pierre-Louis