Agreement vs. Court Child Support

Child support is a crucial element in ensuring the well-being and future of children whose parents are no longer together. While it is possible to go to court and have a judge decide on the amount of child support, there are significant advantages to reaching an agreement outside of court.

Here’s why:

  1. Control Over the Outcome: When parents come to an agreement on child support, they maintain control over the decisions that will affect their lives and the lives of their children. Court decisions can be unpredictable and may not fully accommodate the unique circumstances of your family.
  2. Reduces Conflict: Negotiating an agreement can reduce conflict and promote cooperation between parents. This can lead to better communication and a more amicable relationship, which is beneficial for the children involved.
  3. Time and Cost-Efficient: Court proceedings can be lengthy and expensive. By reaching an agreement, parents can save on legal fees and court costs, and avoid the stress associated with a drawn-out court case.
  4. Flexibility: Parents who negotiate their own agreement have the flexibility to create a child support arrangement that is tailored to their children’s needs and to their financial circumstances, which a court may not always fully consider.
  5. Privacy: Court proceedings are public, which means the details of your case could become a matter of public record. An agreement reached outside of court remains private, keeping your family matters confidential.
  6. Stability and Certainty: Once an agreement is reached, both parties know what to expect and can plan their finances accordingly. This stability can be reassuring to both parents and children.
  7. Focus on the Child’s Best Interest: Parents are often best placed to understand the needs of their children. By working together to reach an agreement, they can ensure that the child support reflects what is truly in the best interests of their child.
  8. Promotes a Positive Example: When parents can negotiate and agree on child support, they set a positive example of cooperation and problem-solving for their children.
  9. Easier Modification: If circumstances change, it’s often easier to modify an agreement made out of court than to go through the legal process to change a court order.


Reaching an agreement on child support can be a complex process, and it’s often beneficial to have legal guidance. Your Child Support Lawyer can provide the necessary legal advice to reach a fair agreement that serves the best interests of your child. Remember, the aim is to provide for your children’s needs in the most effective and harmonious way possible.