Even Stars Pay Child Support

Celebrity magazines often try to compare how stars are similar to every day Joes. These articles usually concern mundane things such as the sort of beverage at Jamba Juice that George Clooney orders, or that celebrities like the rest of us have to buy groceries. One thing these magazines often ignore is that famous people are not immune from paying child support.

film-strip_11000749-011314intUnlike the Average Joe, the amount of child support celebrities pay can be the amount a regular citizen makes in an entire year or years.  Charlie Sheen pays over a hundred thousand dollars in child support each month to his two ex-wives.  However, Sheen’s child support is actually fairly normal when it comes to stars’ child support.

It’s not surprising that because these sums are so large, that there are quite a few stars that cannot or will not pay their child support. Dennis Rodman owed his ex over a half million dollars in back support, and ended up performing a hundred hours of community service. Rodman is not the only one to face such penalties; stars have gone to jail because they have not fulfilled their child support obligations.

It is often said that being celebrity means that one is entitled to a life of privilege. However, celebrities are facing the same legal issues that average citizens are facing in regards to child support.