Child Support Scams

In San Antonio, a woman was recently was robbed.  What was taken?  Her child support.

The case in unfortunately not that unusual criminals used Child Support to steal and scam from others.  For example,San Bernardino County warned about a phising scam targeting individuals involved in child support cases. With the amount of personal information that is exchanged in child support cases, it shouldn’t come to one’s surprise that it is a perfect opportunity for a thief to obtain private information.

In addition to identity theft crimes, there are other child support scams that occur. According to Georgia’s DCSS website, scammers have set up companies that have contacted non-custodial parents to collect child support payments. The company had nothing to do with the state, and not surprisingly, the money that the non-custodial parent paid never went to the appropriate party.

There is an obvious need for child support, but it is easy for both both parties to be taken advantage of. The information that is divulged when determining child support is sensitive, and if put in the wrong hands one’s identity can easily be stolen. Additionally, the amount of money that can be exchanged between parties is often great. Therefore, it is important for both parties to be vigilant when handling support funds.