The Dog Ate My Child Support Check

While most people wouldn’t tell a judge that their dog ate their missing child support payments, there are actually some pretty flabbergasting and sometimes hilarious excuses that people willNX_logo_dog_retriever_jumping use when missing their payments (and yes, the dog eating the child support check has actually been used).

The Huffington Post UK’s list has some of the most inane reasons. From the non-custodial parent being mad at the custodial parent for buying candy for their child, to a biological father claiming that she no longer owes money because she has had a sex change, these aren’t your typical justifications. However, while these excuses might appear bizarre, excuses concerning missed payments are common. A Tennessee blog lists twenty-five commonly heard excuses for missed child support. This list is much more mild than the Huffington Post UK’s article, but it once again illustrates how creative and varied an excuse can be.

Merely doing a simple Google search on child support excuses, will come up with a myriad of results where people ask what is a legitimate justification for not paying child support. The conversations on such forums can get pretty heated and the advice that is dispensed is questionable at best. There are justifiable reasons why someone would not be able to pay child support,but it’s doubtful that a judge is actually going to believe that the dog ate your child support check.