Child Support Payment reductions, Proposed Changes, and Modernizations

Nebraska has proposed legislation to lower child support for non-custodial parents. The logic behind Nebraska proposing a reduction in support—that cost of living has lowered and support payments should be reduced accordingly. Also, supporting Time For Change Meaning Different Strategy Or VaryNebraska’s proposition for lowering payments is that the state currently has one of the highest payments in the United States.

The proposed legislation appears to be favoring the non-custodial parent, but when one examines the proposition it benefits both parties and adjusts the law to fit with the current era. For example, the proposed law deals with issues concerning health care and daycare expenses.

While these proposed changes would only effect Nebraska, modernization to the child support system have occurred in states and counties across the United States. Delaware has recently adopted new rules that reflect the states minimum wage and the fact that a growing percentage of the population is now working multiple jobs.

Changes have not only been made to the law, but for methods of payments as well. For example, Solano County (which is located in California) now allows support payments electronically through MoneyGram.