Law Office – Client Responsibilities

Dear Client,

Thank you for entrusting your case to our law firm. To maintain a close and healthy relationship, we have the following expectations of our clients.

  • Stay Connected
    • It’s very important you know what’s going on about your case. MyCase is the best way to stay connected. Please login to Mycase and message me anytime. Or for more detailed conversations, message or call to schedule a phone conference. Texting the office phone should be done sparingly, and during business hours. Clients should use encrypted Mycase whenever possible for communications whenever possible.
  • Be Discreet
    • Shhh! Be careful what you say to others. My “attorney-client” relationship and its confidentiality privilege extends ONLY to you. Keep our sensitive communications private.
  • Trust your lawyer
  • Once trust is broken, it’s hard to get it back. Your case is being worked in good faith as expeditiously as circumstances allows. Lawyers are duty-bound to look after their client’s interests. Trust him! Be honest with ALL information, even information that could hurt your case. Lawyers do not like surprises and can only help their clients when they know everything.
  • Don’t lie to your attorney.
  • Do Your Homework
    • Documents given to you to complete such as intake information sheets, divorce inventories, financial information statements, and discovery documents must be returned to our office promptly by the due date.
  • Understand your case may take months.
    • We know you want your case resolved quickly and efficiently. Some cases settle quickly in days or weeks, while others require litigation that involve waiting months. Especially waiting on courts, government agencies, and other lawyers. This means other parties’ actions may cause delays. We will work diligently to move your case toward a favorable resolution, please be patient.
  • Be Considerate
    • Remember the Golden Rule: Treat your attorney and his staff as you would want to be treated. In business, time is money, so give us courtesy phone calls of delays and unexpected events. Call ahead if you will be late. We will auto reschedule clients who are not punctual and give no notice. You will be notified if advanced if we will be late to any event.