Over 116 Billion Arrears Owed Nationally

Owed child support and not getting paid?

moneyAccording to the Rocky Mountain PBS News, you’re not alone. In the state of Colorado, a third of the state’s child support cases are delinquent. Nationally, there are over one hundred and sixteen billion arrears owed to parents. Obviously, the current system has to make adjustments so that arrears can be collected. For example, Colorado and eight other states have started a pilot program that will work the non-custodial parents to collect arrears.

Critics have argued that the program is too soft in its approach, arguing that it benefits the non-custodial party more than the custodial parent and child. However, the results have been positive.

Regardless, of whether the approach might be too “soft” on non-custodial parents, action needs to be taken. In some cases, people have become so desperate that they have relied on schemes and scams that in the end cost the custodial party even more money. In Texas, three people were recently arrested from stealing child support money. They were able to steal, in part because they worked for a company that provided debit services for custodial parents.